MediaStart: Music Taster Workshop

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So you want to work in the music industry. Are you a singer or a musician? A sound technician or a pr guru. Or, don’t you know?

APD Music is here to help. Whether you are just starting on your journey to figure out you’re your perfect role is or whether you just know your passion is music and you want to be involved in this industry however you can.

Join us on 23rd May at GAS Music Studios to hear from independent record label Lab Records and GAS Music and Sound Design about their experiences & advice for you just starting out.

There are so many jobs available in this industry from writing & performing to producing and promoting, plugging, event organising, booking festivals & gigs, managing a band or performer… the list goes on and on. With the huge surge in popularity of sites such as Spotify there are even more jobs becoming available relating to this digital side to the industry.

Whatever your interest it is vital to understand both the business and creative sides, you need to be able to stand your ground and understand how the business side works in order to keep afloat and maintain artistic integrity. Understand where the revenue comes from – record sales are no longer the only measurement of your band’s place in the charts, vinyl is making a resurgence at the same time as cds fall by the wayside and digital channels are booming.

To hear more, register today – our last event was a sellout so grab your ticket now!

APD:Music Register Now


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