MediaStart: Film Round Up

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19th April 2016 saw the first installment of APDirecting’s pilot project MediaStart. We have started with a bang with a full turnout to our film taster session at Old Granada Studios supported by Reform Radio and with collaborators Lanor Productions and Glass Eye Productions. 


There was a lot of enthusiasm from our attendees, right from the start, with a lots of back and forth with our hosts before we even got to the interactive session. Questions ranged from how best to get screenplays read for feedback to which lighting kits are good for starting out. 

The interactive session was really good fun and most people got involved in some way or another – we had volunteers ‘on screen’ discussing topics picked out of a hat eg recent box office releases or whether or not you should be allowed to use your phone at the cinema, boom operators, cameramen, directors and the ever important slate “Scene 1, Take 1”

A lot of personalities shone through and there were a lot of laughs.

We were really lucky to have a seasoned recruitment professional Amy Parry able to attend and give us some really useful tips on CVs and reaching out to potential employers. 

Videographer Eamon Droko filmed the session, so to get an idea of what you can expect from the upcoming tasters check out this short video APDirecting MediaStart Film

We are in the process of planning a practical follow up session to this taster – likely 26th May although this date has yet TBC so keep an eye on this blog, our website and social media channels for more updates. A lot of people were very keen on the day so places will fill up fast.

Facebook Group APDirecting Media Networking


Thanks again to collaborators GEProds, Lanor Productions, Reform Radio & Old Granada Studios for the use of the space. Feel free to contact for further information


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